“Compared to the pond of knowledge, our ignorance remains Atlantic.” —Ronald Duncan Miranda Weston-Smith Editors The Encyclopaedia of Ignorance As we contemplate the subject of Neurotransmitters, it doesn’t take long to be reminded of the arrogance of Modern Science and its inability to answer the simple question, “Why?”.  No matter what particular field of scientific endeavor more »

Inside that skull of yours is a three-pound organ made up of the most phenomenal, incredibly-complex material to be discovered anywhere in the created universe.  Most of this pink, Jello-like mass is comprised of nerve cells (neurons). In fact, hundreds of billions of them. A typical neuron has about 10,000 different connections to other neurons (actually, neurons more »

Millions of people struggle to drag themselves out of bed every morning, knowing that they have to somehow slog through another day while having to deal with any of a number of the symptoms and disorders we have listed for you (see “Symptoms“, above). It may surprise you to know that all of these serious, often debilitating more »